Where to buy Ambien online

Online dispensaries that offer Ambien medication are huge in number that it really takes some genuine efforts to arrive at the best online dispensary for the purchase of Ambien. You must not choose a particular online dispensary just because they provide tempting discounts and unbelievable prices. Most people fall prey to these kinds of gimmicks landing themselves with some inferior quality Ambien pills. Always make sure to choose a store that displays reasonable prices and discounts along with terms, privacy policy, returns and other criteria that are very much transparent to the customers. The reason why these factors are important is that some of the online drug stores might sell fake or expired Ambien medications to their customers to make money. This is where reviews play an important role. Customer reviews in most reputed sites might be very authentic and noticing it is very important as it gives you an idea of how the company is. If the customers have given a poor review of the site, then it is best to ignore that particular website.

Difference between generic Zolpidem and branded Ambien

If you wish to buy Ambien medication online, you have two options that could be made use of. One, you could go for the generic Zolpidem or the branded Ambien for your purchase. Now, you might be puzzled as to what the generic and the branded versions mean and the striking difference between those variants. The main difference between the generic Zolpidem and the branded Ambien is that the end product, which might differ in shape, color, and size in spite of having the same chemical components and manufacturing process. Each manufacturer might patent the branded one and sell it in different forms, whereas the generic Zolpidem is sold in the same form across all outlets. But you will have to understand which one these suits you the best and then go ahead with the purchase.

Ambien dosage

Before you buy Ambien online drug stores, make sure that you consume the medication in the right doses. When not sure about the dosage quantity that you will have to administer on a daily basis for your sleep disorders, it is best that you talk or consult a doctor for the same. When the doctor understands your situation well, he/she might be able to prescribe specific doses for you that could work wonders. In most cases, the lowest dose of Ambien is recommended as it is effective. The initial dose for men and women range from 5 to 10mg and it needs to be taken before the sleep time when there is enough time for rest before you are awake the next day.

Dosage for men: 5 to 10mg once per night

Dosage for women: 5mg once per night

The dosage of Ambien must not go past 10mg per day as it could lead to severe consequences. Also, more than one dose should not be administered in one night. Zolpidem might react differently in special populations like the elderly people and also in patients who suffer from renal and hepatic failure. In these patients, only doses within 5mg are recommended. Ambien and the generic Zolpidem are available in two different doses namely, 5mg and 10mg. Make sure to buy these medications at the right place and use it in the right dosages for better sleep and desired effects.


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