Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains you the information what we collect from you, any personal and non personal information that we receive from you. We also collect the user’s experience with our products and service of the company. Personal information such as the user’s name, contact information, physical information (for shipping purposes), email address and phone number. This privacy policy does not apply for the linked pages from any outsiders or any third parties in our website, as they have their own privacy policies and we do not govern those policies. People who do not work for our company are not bound to our privacy policy.

The Collection and Use of Information

Ambienzolpidem collects and stores the user’s information when an individual registers with us in our company website. The information such as user’s interest in our products and services, agreeing for the offers and promotions are also collected. Whenever a new comer visits our website, they are asked to provide with their names and their contact information such as mobile phone number, email address, date of birth, gender, physical address and zip code. Optional information such as interest and occupation are also collected when a customer has an intend to provide it. The reason why we request you to register with us is to get benefits from us, and also we will not set your account as an anonymous user.

The other reason why these information are collected from you is to improve our quality of service and render the best service for you, and maintain communication with our clients as well. The use of the collected information from you is to customize advertisement and site content based on your preferences. This helps us to improve our service, contact you and respond to your queries in a quick time. We collect and store data to find our trusted partners and give them a great experience. We also use the information to reach to you in times of any promotions or offers listed in our website.


Cookies are allowed in our website to give our users a good experience and ease of use. Cookies are a small piece of information that we collect from our users who visit our website. Cookies help us to understand our customers well and provide them with what they need in an efficient way. For instance, we collect data like the customers interest on our products by getting the information from the “shopping cart”, based on the previous use of our website. We can understand your preference to give you a good feel of use. Cookies also help you to skip the regular sign in procedures as the passwords are saved, and you will no need to enter the user name and the password each and every time. Moreover, if a user does not have an interest in the advertisement which pops up in the website can be controlled and stopped by cookies. If a user doesn’t want to use the cookies, then the cookies can be disabled from the browser that you use. You can also get notification whenever a cookie file is being created.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Ambienzolpidem has rights to update, or delete any information from the policy listed in the website anytime. As soon as we release the change to our privacy policy, all our users have access to check the updated policy. But it is the user’s job to frequently check for any updates or changes to the the website.