Privacy Policy is giving highest preference in maintaining the privacy of details of their consumers. We work on securing the personal information that is provided by our customers. We know how much important these details are, and our technical support team would help us in securing the information more safely on the database. We take all the necessary actions to prevent your details. Before ordering your medication with us, it is important that you should have to know that we require some of the personal information about you, that includes your name, email id, and contact number. It is to confirm the identity of the person who is here to contact us. We do disclose some of your information to the Third Parties such as accrediting bodies so that you will be able to get the use of their service also. We use your personal information only to share the data about the medication and our other services.

Collecting Personal Information: You should have to register with us, in order to use our facility. During such time, we might require some of your both personal and non-personal information. We will ask you to provide your personal details such as contact number, Email ID, and residential address. No third parties would get the use of your details other than accrediting bodies. We will ensure that all the information that you provide to us will be secured and will be handled carefully.

Cookies: Whenever you visit our website, your activity will be monitored. This would include how you are using the information provided on our website. Doing this would help us to know the need of the consumers and their public interests. All the information will be monitored through a URL, referral/exit pages, date/time stamp, IP address and the location on your computer. You can also be allowed to disable the cookies if you do not want to be monitored.

Your Rights: You can make a copy, download and print our privacy policy and the terms and conditions of our website. You are also free to request your personal details that are saved with us at any time. Your privacy is much concerned here, so we would make all the necessary actions to ensure that your personal information will not be shared with anyone. It is also important that you should not disclose or lose your account information to anyone. In such cases, we would not take any responsibility for the damage or misuse of your information to the third parties.

Disclosing your Personal Details: Our online pharmacy would make every possible step to prevent and secure all your personal information that you share with us. Third parties such as organizers, or accrediting bodies would be allowed to share your information. However, gives you an assurance that your personal information will not be shared with any third parties other than official ones to any extent.

Disclaimer: Every content that is present on our website are the hard work of our team. We do not emphasize that all the contents provided on our online pharmacy are true and accurate. The information can change periodically and we would work our best to update each time. Our team has worked very hard to provide this information to you. All the contents that have been uploaded to our website only after a thorough study and research. We have a best online healthcare experts who provide us the information about the sleeping pill.

We solemnly hold the authority for every information given on this website. No other person has any rights to use or access our websites. We maintain a highly secure database in order to store information about the customers.