Ambien makers defence to Roseanne: Racism is not the side effect of the drug

side effect of the drug

There was given an extensive media attention to a tweet posted by a famous Hollywood Actress Roseanne Barr. The tweet has also brought Ambien makers into a defense mechanism. Ironically, the tweet has nothing to do with Ambien but the blame was put on this famous sleeping medicine to get over the hoax created by the media. The tweet has also caused great destruction to the public image of Roseanne. So, what was the tweet and How did Ambien makers had pledge their defense is as follows:

What was the Racist comment?

Roseanne Barr is a famous Actress and Television personality, she had posted a racist, absurd and blatant tweet saying Valerie Jarrett, an Iran born American businesswoman, a Child of Muslim neighborhood and Planet of Apes. This had caused unanimous outrage among the audiences, and many individuals in the Twitter platform had started bashing her. There wasn’t any involvement of Ambien in this discussion until the actress confessed that had the prescribed Ambien for good sleep and the tweet was the reaction of the medicine but she had no hard feelings nor such intentions. It is even blatant statement for her side to put all the blame on a medicine which could reduce the brain activity and induces good sleep for 6 to 8 hours.

How did Ambien makers and Doctors respond?

As the statement got spread there was a great amount of response from the makers of Ambien and some doctors who prescribe Ambien. The first reaction came from the Sanofi (the manufactures of Ambien) who said Every medicine will have some side effects but racism cannot certainly be a side effect induced by a sedate. They also added the statement is a blatant escapist comment to get rid of the hatred agitated by the general public and intellectuals. The official statement from Sanofi corporate also stated there are thousands of workforces in their company, all are treated equally irrespective of their region, religion, and color.

The Doctors have shared their fare, some were very funny and others were strict. Dr. Jennifer Gunter said Racism is an ideology that cannot be induced by any medicine, the individual needs to be a racist to pass such a remark.

Some other doctors also quirkily stated that Ambien had done good, it had made all the hatred in her heart come out.

Can Ambien drive towards such bizarre Behaviour?

No is the appropriate answer to this question. Ambien is a sleeping drug it cannot induce any bizarre or violent reaction. It actually reduces the activity of the brain and relaxes the body as a preparation for sleep. It could give peaceful sleep for a minimum of six hours to the maximum of eight hours. Good sleep is the indication that the medicine is working in the right direction. Well, if we come to the point of whether the Ambien medication could induce such racist remarks we need to have a brief look at its qualities.

Reduces the Activity of the Brain: The most prominent quality of the Ambien medicine is reducing the brain activity in an efficient manner. This logically shatters all the misconceptions that it could create strange thoughts and insensitive actions.

Such behavior is not listed in the Side effects of Ambien: There weren’t many cases registered about the side effects triggered by the Ambien consumption. It is important to know that every medicine has some side effects and its operation differs from one person to the other. There are some people who get carried away after getting intoxicated and others carry on having nice sleep and relaxation.

Racism is a feeling but not an effect: One must understand that racism is not something that is induced or enhanced by a drug. It is certainly impossible too. The racist comment shows her mindsets towards the traditional misconceptions. Ambien could only make her sleep for some time but it does not have any sensational powers to create a feeling that is never taken birth in that particular individual. In the intoxicated situation one can slip, but certainly cannot change his ideology and sense a revelation. 


Ambien makers had to strike the right chord. They have clearly listed the qualities of their medication rather succumbing to the repercussions of the hoax happened. Their opinions have given strength by the doctors who have the authority to speak about the medicines. A sleep behavior researcher from New York University had quoted that there are mild chances for absurd behavior instigated by Ambien but as far as Racism is considered it is probably a disease of the heart, there is certainly no scientific cause or treatment to it.

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