Dosage of Ambien to overcome sleep disorder – Appropriations

The Ambien dosage strength can vary depending on the person’s health issues. Insomnia among individuals is increasing nowadays, so people started to use some sleep aid medications to cure their sleeping disorder. It should be seriously taken into consideration about the dosage that has been prescribing to a person. An overdose of this Zolpidem pill would cause major side effects. Read to know more about the dosages that have to be prescribed to the consumers depending on their conditions.

Get Prescribed Dosage strength of Ambien to Overcome Insomnia

It is essential to get prescribed if you are using Ambien pill to treat your sleeping disorder. As Ambien is indicated for the short-term treatment of insomnia, then the dosage for this drug should be taken into consideration. The overdose of this drug could be fatal to the consumer.

So, it is necessary that an individual should get prescribed properly by the professional health care consultant. This would avoid some problems and the person who procures this Zolpidem medication should be supervised. The dosage of Ambien will vary for different people. The increase in dose depends on the health condition and controlling ability of the consumer.

Ambien dosage in Adults

The Branded Zolpidem dosage for the immediate release is given as 5mg for women and 10mg to men. The maintenance dosage can be increased to 10mg if the 5mg is not effective. A maximum dosage is 10mg per day. An individual should consider with the doctor before procuring this medication. He/she will advise you the duration of the dose to be taken. Mostly between 4 or 5 weeks maximum.

For a controlled release, the dosage of branded Zolpidem can be given around 6.25mg for women and 12.5mg for men. As usual, the dosage can be increased to 12.5mg if the 6.25mg is not as effective as expected. One can take 12.5mg dosage per day. By clinically one can follow this medication for up to 3 and 24 weeks.

In the sub-lingual tablet, the initial and maximum Ambien dosage is 1.75 for women and 3.5 to men. Since the drug clearance in women is lower than men, the dosage amount is different for them respectively.

The dosage of 10mg per day is widely prescribed to the adults. It should be taken immediately before bedtime. The total Ambien dosage should not exceed 10mg per day.

Dosage of Ambien for Older People

The immediate dosage for them is 5mg per day and the controlled release dosage is about 6.25mg per day. For the older people above 65 years of age will be provided with the sub-lingual tablet for dosage 1.75mg per day. This Zolpidem dosage should not be exceeded. The above measurement is common for both men and women. Children should not be recommended to use this sleeping aid.